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Heading To a Summer Wedding? Here’s How To Find Your Perfect Outfit!

Heading To a Summer Wedding? Here’s How To Find Your Perfect Outfit!

Source: Christine Wehrmeier via Rock'n'Roll Bride

Wedding season is well and truly upon us, which means up and down the country, friends and family members of the betrothed are frantically scouring the high streets for that perfect outfit. Finding one is pretty straight forward, but if you have more than a couple of weddings to go to, it can be quite the panic inducing exercise!

So what are the criteria for appropriate wedding guest attire? My first piece of advice would be to find out the theme and location of the wedding. You don't want to rock up in purple if that's the colour the bridesmaids are wearing (or in the same dress! With more and more brides opting to put their best girls in high street numbers, it's a distinct possibility!) And if you donned a ball gown for a casual back garden wedding you might feel a bit ridiculous.

Obviously you need to look and feel good, but not outshine the bride (heaven forbid!) or end up rocking up in the same dress as the bridal party. Wedding days are long and there can be a lot of waiting around on your feet you could definitely need to be comfortable too.

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